Router will only load certain sites.

  GreySilver 03:58 16 Jul 2016

My router will not load certain sites. This problem started after I recently cleaned my router (took out all of the cables, dusted everything off, etc.) and I am sure that all of the cables are where they were before. Google sites will load along with some other sites like facebook. Aside from those, nothing will load and will result in the error: took too long to respond. - ERRCONNECTIONTIMED_OUT

Something to note is that SOMETIMES this error stops and I can access the entirety of the internet seemingly at random after about an hour (times varry). Another thing to note is that I cannot access my router from any of the affected devices when the problem is active. This error also only occurrs on windows devices. Which is strange, because the I-Pad works perfectly fine. Below I have listed a number of things I have already tried:

Rebooting all affected devices. - Flushing the DNS of all windows devices. - Checking the proxy settings on all affected devices. - Rebooting the router (several times). - Resetting the router to factory settings. - Complained to ISP live chat, Xfinity (no response).


I consider myself somewhat "tech-savvey" so don't hold back on suggestions.

  Peter Corite 00:15 17 Jul 2016

Have you tried a system restore? A complete reinstallation of windows 10 or at least creating another user (admin user) to see if that user can connect to all websites etc?

  GreySilver 00:27 17 Jul 2016

No, have not tried that. But I'm pretty sure it is the router that is the problem since other people that come over seem to have this problem as well. Will try the reinstall though. Probably worth a shot.

  Peter Corite 00:48 17 Jul 2016

I would try the creation of an admin account first. Also, did the router have a recent firmware update? Many router firmware updates are irreversible, even when a factory reset is performed (i.e. they do not really go back to a real 'years ago, original factory' reset settings but only to the latest firmware factory settings).

If your iPad has no issues I would say the problem is with windows. Also, did someone apply some kind of parental controls on it and/or on your windows account? Just speaking/thinking out loud to give you ideas/options.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:51 17 Jul 2016
  1. site connectivity can be affected for variou reasons, weather, street repairs mine was bad for a few days when both BT and National grid were digging up local roads.

  2. Do a ping test if this sit will load click here

  GreySilver 00:21 19 Jul 2016

Thanks for all of the suggestions guys. Over the past few days I have been trying everything. This meant that I did not have access to the forum to reply to you guys due to the lack of internet. So, after exhausting every possible solution, the problem was fixed after contacting my ISP again. All they did was reset the router (like I had done multiple times) and for some reason that worked :/. The problem was probably a firmware update that got removed after the xxxth reset. Bottom line, no matter how bad your ISP's service is, keep trying. This issue does not seem to be fixable on the client side.

Thanks again for all of the support and suggestions guys.

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