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router wifi printer pc interaction

  awest3 12:05 14 Jun 2016

I'm having a bit of a brainfade. If I have a router (sky) and wire connected PC to that router, should I be able to print to a wifi printer without a wifi card in the PC. ie can I print through the wifi facility built into the router as the PC is wired to the router. Thanks Al

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:27 14 Jun 2016

Yes as long as you have set the printer and PC as part of the same network.

  awest3 13:54 14 Jun 2016

ok thanks I'll check they are part of the same network. Al

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:34 14 Jun 2016

Can you see the printer on your PC?

w8 -10 start - settings - devices?

  awest3 16:28 14 Jun 2016

thanks for this.. i'm afraid the pc in question is 150 miles (my brothers)away so I have to take control of it using team viewer.. I can only do this whilst he's there.. i'll check and come back to you..thanks again

  awest3 16:55 14 Jun 2016

Its a bit strange in that a laptop can use the printer with no issues. If the printer is hard wired to the desktop PC then requests are queued but not printed, if the cable is removed any requests from the laptop are immediately printed but not the requests from the Desktop.

  awest3 17:27 14 Jun 2016

ahh, so are you saying that the desktop has to be connected first? prior to using the laptop... must admit that as the cable connection seemed to be messing things up its been left out whilst I tried to sort the wifi problem.. more food for thought thanks Al

  awest3 17:55 14 Jun 2016

ill give it a try.. thanks

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