Router Upgrade or Network Boost?

  5ean 08:13 17 Apr 2007

After suffering some network problems and trying a new router it turned out to be a BT line fault.

All is resolved now but I am left with 2 fully working (I assume) routers, both netgear, a DG834GT and a newer rangemax (number escapes me but it's not a n just a bigger g/b).

Anyway even with all the settings copied over (checked MTU pppoa etc) the ISP keeps kicking my new router off the network after a few seconds, but it does initially connect. Do they check the MAC address for authentication?

Second question. Can I use the new router to BOOST the network, eg place it upstairs not connected to the net but use it to pickup the signal from the connected router and then broadcast upstairs? I suspect this requires some manual set-up but before I try I was wondering if it can be used for this purpose?

Thanks in advance.

  Strawballs 22:30 17 Apr 2007

If you have mac address cloning on your router try using this as it will clone the mac address of your PC which might help.

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