Router Test Lead

  Legslip 17:09 21 May 2012

I want to make up a lead so that I van check B.Band speeds at the incoming point using croc clips on the end of the socket to router line cable. What colour(s) are the A & B wires in a standard lead?

  lotvic 18:36 21 May 2012

I'm intrigued, but not sure I understand which cable 'from where to where' you are meaning.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:43 21 May 2012

Remove faceplate off the MAster phone socket and there is a test poit inside that takes a standard telephone cable.

couple the router using its own cable to this point and carry out the speed test.

this will eliminate extension cables and the possibility of a faulty faceplate (had to renew my faceplate last month).

  Legslip 19:57 21 May 2012

Thanks Lotvic & Fruit Bat and good to hear from you again. Understand about the faceplate but a lot of people I know have wiring to additional sockets tee'd in before the socket faceplate. On underground fed properties, BT generally have a grey box on the outside wall. I would like to test there and see what the true BT Bband speed is. My pal is currently with Plusnet and is getting 0.2mb. He does have cables goin everywhere, that's why I want to test on the end of the BT line with his cables disconnected.

  Legslip 20:28 21 May 2012

Thanks Beta but if you report any fault and it's on the non-BT wiring, they charge about £140 for the visit. I'd sooner take the chance and test at the true end of their wiring.

  lotvic 20:35 21 May 2012

That's a £1,000+ fine if you mess with those greybox cables and anything beyond the test socket on the Master.

If you remove the faceplate on the master socket (which is the extent you are legally allowed to do) you can see that the additional sockets are connected to that faceplate. By removing the faceplate and revealing the Test socket you have disconnected ALL internal wiring and extensions.

  Woolwell 21:54 21 May 2012

How far is your pal from the exchange? How are you going to test the broadband speed? I would leave well alone and get plusnet to do a test.

  Legslip 22:24 21 May 2012

He is a LONG way from the exchange but 0.2 mb is ridiculous. just going to clip his router onto the end of the BT line and do a speed test with all back wiring disconnected. If it's still 0.2mb then it's a Plusnet/BT problem.

  lotvic 22:28 21 May 2012

"the true end of their wiring" is the test socket behind the faceplate of the Master Socket.

  Legslip 22:45 21 May 2012

I understand Lotvic but there are a lot of bodged wiring jobs out there. Some done by householders and friends and some done by BT engineers. If it is possible, and it is in some cases, to get to where the BT line arrives then I think that will be the best place for a true Bband speed reading. It ain't highly technical.

  Legslip 22:49 21 May 2012

Thanks Lotvic. Lots of households have wiring bodges, whether done by themselves or by BT engineers. It strikes me that the best lace to do a speedtest is at the point of termination on the building, which if an underground feed, can be easily accessed. It ain't highly technical to do a test there.

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