Router Settings

  morddwyd 12:11 15 Mar 2010

How do I find my wireless security settings?

I want to upgrade them , but can't seem to find any way of accessing them.

I understand I need to log on to me router's web interface, but how?

  ame 12:17 15 Mar 2010

What router make do you have? You have to type the web address of your router (e.g. for Belkin)into the address bar of your browser and login using the default username and password. Best to connect using ethernet cable when amending settings, as router will disconnect and restart when you apply changes.

  MAJ 12:31 15 Mar 2010



into a command window and press Return. Look for the "Default Gateway" entry (192.168.x.x), that is the address you type into your browser to access the router's configuration page. You will be asked for a Username and Password, these are different for each make of router, so we need to know the make and model of your router, or Google the default username and password.

  morddwyd 12:51 15 Mar 2010

Thanks guys.

A vague memory prompted me to look at the base of the router (it's an O2 router, by the way, which I think is another make which has been badge engineered).

I'm now logged into the config page, but don't see an option to change from WEP to WPA.

  morddwyd 12:54 15 Mar 2010

Just confirmed, it's made by Thomson.

  cream. 13:14 15 Mar 2010

full model number of the Thompson router would help. have you downloaded the manual for it, yet?

  MAJ 13:23 15 Mar 2010

"I'm now logged into the config page, but don't see an option to change from WEP to WPA."

It'll be in there somewhere, morddwyd, I have set up quite a few of them in the past, look for a Wireless section then WLAN and a Configure button. Sorry I can't be more specific, my memory has gone to hell in a handbag.

  ame 13:51 15 Mar 2010

Apologies for typo in my post above...should have read Look for a Security link under the Wireless settings.

  ame 13:52 15 Mar 2010

Bleedin' 'ell - I must type better! !!

  morddwyd 21:06 15 Mar 2010

Apologies, one of my lunchtime posts has gone missing, it's a Thomson TG 575.

Don't seem to get a lot with a google.

  MAJ 21:36 15 Mar 2010

Try this manual, page 25, morddwyd click here

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