Router set up with existing wifi modem router help...

  CalumHenderson 08:19 11 Feb 2015

Hi all, I've recently purchased a TP Link Archer C7 under the mistaken belief it could replace my Netgear N150 Modem Wi Fi router. My wife and I have grown tired of problems related to the signal dropping from various devices around the house. Currently we have some powerline adapters going to a room upstairs with a samsung smart tv connected, and a PS3 in the lounge connected wirelessly. I've just discovered on opening the box that the router has no modem. So, I understand I have to therefore run it off my Netgear N150 router. I want to run the router as a modem only as I can imagine the TP Link router will have less issues with dropped connections (the samsung smart tv upstairs drops out every 20 odd mins in programs, a netgear problem I've read). So, firstly I have no idea of the what this is called to search for the process on google. I've found bridging and all sorts of stuff but nothing seems to be it. Secondly, please understand I've never changed settings on a router. I've looked at the settings pages and updated firmware but that's as far as my skills go. I'm trying to learn as I go. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Calum

  Jollyjohn 12:20 11 Feb 2015

Having had a look at your new router I would use an ethernet cable from your netgear to the blue wan port on the TP Link. Connect a PC / Laptop. with ethernet cable to one of the yellow lan ports. This will allow you to set up the tp link as needed. The cable can be removed once set up is complete.

Connect, by wi fi, to the tp link, just to ensure it is working.

Open your Netgear router settings and turn wi fi off

(You could leave the netgear wi fi on for downstairs and connect the tp link to the powerline adapter upstairs so you have two wi fi networks in the house)

  CalumHenderson 14:56 11 Feb 2015

Hi Jollyjohn, thanks for the reply. Just thinking that connecting the new router to the powerline adapter upstairs could be a good idea. I'm just wondering if I would still have the same issues with the Samsung TV dropping it's connection due to the connection essentially coming from the Netgear N150. I've looked at my connection with the adapter upstairs and it's a good speed. If I connected the TV to the new router would it become more stable? Also with two WiFi networks would this be two depredate networks with different codes or one network with two boxes pushing it out?

  Jollyjohn 14:23 12 Feb 2015

There would be two networks, upstairs. tp link, and downstairs, netgear, with separate wi fi keys.

Your devices will automatically connect to the strongest signal.

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