Router security blocks signal to laptop

  floreat 18:43 15 Nov 2007

I have a Belkin Wireless G Router model F5D7230-4 connected to a desktop by ethernet. ISP is Virgin media. If I enable the security either WEP or WPA it blocks the signal to my daughters laptop which is usually downstairs. The laptop connects to other wireless connection nearby but not mine. What can I do? Please make sure your answer isn't too complicated

  postie24 19:10 15 Nov 2007

Is the laptop asking for the WEP/WPA key when you try to connect?.

  floreat 19:20 15 Nov 2007


  Kemistri 22:40 15 Nov 2007

If you're not being asked for an encryption key (it will be in a large rectangular window with two long text fields if you use Windows' own wifi management, which you really should if it's XP or Vista) then you won't have any encryption set up in the router's configuration menu. Which you must do, and it must be WPA if you actually want some protection from passing bandwidth thieves. Methinks maybe you have MAC address filtering turned on in the router, but have not entered the client's physical address yet. That's a unique ID that all network adapters - wired and wifi - all have. Go into the config by entering the IP ( into a browser's address bar. MAC filtering is high on the list (first section I think). Post again if you get stuck......

  Kemistri 22:43 15 Nov 2007

Forgot to say that you will, in your case, have to do that from a working connection (Ethernet in other words) on some client or another. Doesn't matter what PC you use, but if wifi is going nowhere, then cable it up. If this router is brand new, then MAC filtering *should* be inactive and there should not be anything blocking the connection. Apart from any over-zealous software firewall on the problem client, that is....

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