router security

  budkit 02:08 30 May 2007

iv got a belkin fsd7231-4 set up with wep security which iv read is pretty useless

do i have to remove wep security before configuring wap?

is it simple or do i have to download files

do i have to disable or remove wep via control panel

any help pls thanks

i know how to configure emule now if anybody has probs with low id


  FreeCell 11:03 30 May 2007

You just need to change the security settings on the router, changing from WEP to WPA (WAP is the mobile phone wireless protocol)WPA is stronger but isn't supported by older wireless cards so make sure your PC network cartd supports it.

Danger in doing this via wireless link is that you lose connection as soon as you change it (or you should) You then have to change settings to use same security AND same encryption key on the PC wireless network security settings. If you have an ethernet cable then use that to make changes to router wireless settings and change back to wireless when all works okay.

  budkit 23:22 30 May 2007

thanks so much dude
so simple
it worked
thanks wpa-psk now set up is that ok

  irishrapter 15:11 31 May 2007

What size of password did you use?
It should be a least 20 characters and non-dictionary based words.

click here for a 63 character random password.


  budkit 17:05 31 May 2007

yes, iv got 12 password i know i need to change it so thanks for that. i change it at the router and the pc and laptop

i also want help with networking pc and laptop. ii followed the so-called wizard on the pcs xp but the lapt op doesnt have the wizard that i can c- vista premium - i have seen network magic is it any good please?

click here is it any good, i cant follow what windows say to do.

thanks for all your help so far

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