Router recommendations & a question

  slightlymad 11:42 11 Jun 2006

I've got my eye on the NETGEAR DG834G ADSLrouter/modem, but I would like opinions or alternative suggestions before I take the plunge.

I want to network my wireless home PC to my wireless laptop, in order to share both files and internet connection. I'm completely new to networking and primarily want a router that's easy to set up. Yet elsewhere on this forum I've read that it's better NOT to use the supplied software - if that's the case, then I would need to be talked through setting it up manually.

I'd appreciate any guidance or advice.


  mgmcc 12:31 11 Jun 2006

The DG834G is one of the more popular routers for ADSL and you shouldn't go far wrong if you go with that.

<<< Yet elsewhere on this forum I've read that it's better NOT to use the supplied software >>>

There are two issues here:

1) Router manufacturers often supply a CD to set up the router. As using a router doesn't install anything (software or hardware) in a PC, basically all the CD does is to provide a wizard and probably a PDF manual. Therefore, you can set up a router by connecting an ethernet cable between the router and PC and typing the router's IP address into a web browser - for a Netgear router. Once set up for connection to your ISP and with the wireless settings, the cable can be disconnected and the router used 'wirelessly'.

2) If you have Windows XP with SP2 installed, many users (myself included) consider it better to use Windows' built-in wireless networking software rather than that supplied with the Wireless Network Adapter. This means, you install the WiFi adapter in the PC, Windows finds new hardware and you install only the drivers from the supplied CD. If the CD auto runs to install software, cancel it. From the new hardware wizard, "browse" to the folder on the CD with the drivers in.

  slightlymad 13:23 11 Jun 2006

I've just ordered it.

Once again, you've clarified things for me. Thanks very much, mgmcc.

(2) is the way to go - both my PC & laptop are XP with SP2. But there's something I'm not sure about - my PC & laptops are already fitted with Wireless LAN cards, so presumably I can go straight to the Wireless Network Setup Wizard?

  mgmcc 15:03 11 Jun 2006

If there is software installed for the Wireless Network Adapters, just go with that unless you have problems, in which case it can probably be disabled so that Windows' own software can be used instead.

There shouldn't really be any need to run the Wireless Network wizard, unless you feel totally lost and want its help to set things up. I've never run either the basic network wizard or the wireless one. When you scan for Available Wireless networks and connect to the one with your router's SSID, you should get an IP address and have internet access.

  slightlymad 15:10 11 Jun 2006

You make it sound easy! I THINK I get it, but let's see what happens when the router arrives.

Thanks for all your help, mgmcc.


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