Router Question

  akzah 04:57 17 Jul 2004


I have 4 computers in my house (student house) next month and they each get used quite a bit and they all use the internet espically Msn Messenger and a few online games.

We are going to share a 2mb internet connection using a wireless router (ebuyer model Origo™ ADSL Modem/Router) .

Though will it be possible? as I have heard each msn messenger need a forwared port. So for example port 766 goes to 1.766 and 2.766 but it should only go to one machine. We are using a single ip address for the internet so is it possible?

Hope you can understand what I mean? Thanks in advance.

Try this Origo forum at:
You should find answers specific to your router.

  cga 09:47 17 Jul 2004

I am sure there are those on this forum that know a lot more about routers than I and I am happy to be corrected but, what I woulds expect is, each PC will have its own internal (Non-public) IP address (probably starting 10......) from the router. It would be the combination of port and IP address that would be specific. The other factor is that MSN port numbers are dynamic - a real pain for firewalls - but this would solve your problem.

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