router query...

  colcol1 12:25 25 Mar 2010

when finished using the pc and have shut down in the usual way is it okay to leave the router switched on or should i turn it off, thanks...

  bremner 13:07 25 Mar 2010

I have not switched off my router for months but turning it off will equally cause no problem. Personal choice really.

  gengiscant 14:38 25 Mar 2010

My router is in another room so like bremner has not been turn off for a while.

  john bunyan 18:27 25 Mar 2010

I leave mine on as I have a broadband phone (Vonage) which works without the PC.

  Strawballs 16:25 28 Mar 2010

I have had mine about 5yrs and have only turned it off no more than 10 times then only for a couple of hours at a time while decorating or moving it etc

  User-1229748 17:57 28 Mar 2010

if it's a new connection i think your isp will advise you to keep it on for the first 10 days.after that i think it's pretty much up to you

  Pine Man 18:26 28 Mar 2010

There are frequently rumours circulating that suggest you get faster speeds if you leave it switched on as if you switch it off it will take several days to get back up to speed again.

Absolute rubbish. I carried out testing over several months with the router alternately switched on and then off and the difference was barely perceptible with the overall average a tiny fraction in favour of turning it off!

I don't think routers use much power but some do get a bit warm.

As bremner says it is a personal choice.

  iscanut 16:25 30 Mar 2010

My router goes off when the pc goes off. Has done for years now without any problems.

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