Router query

  anniesboy 08:46 13 Jul 2008

I have installed a DLink 2640B,I have not connected wirelessly yet.
Im using eternet cables only,to two PCs.
I can connect to internet etc OK.
My query is that when powering down PC1 the LAN1 led on the router goes off,but doing same on PC2 the LAN2 led remains on and stays on.
I have tried powering off the router but nothing changes,the LAN2 remains on all the time.
I run XP3 on both machines.
Is this normal or is their something that I have not done correctly?

  ambra4 09:43 13 Jul 2008

Are both lan card on the motherboard or is one a separate lan card connect to a pci socket on the


  anniesboy 10:26 13 Jul 2008

PC1 has a separate LAN card as the original on the motherboard had failed.
PC2 I'm not sure as I have not opened the case yet.I suspect it is on the motherboard as its only about six months old.

  Ashrich 10:59 13 Jul 2008

I reckon that one of the PC's has got " wake on LAN " enabled on the motherboard .


  anniesboy 12:13 13 Jul 2008

Thanks for replies,I'm off to grandsons forth birthday BBQ ,will follow up later.

  anniesboy 21:17 14 Jul 2008

I have now emailed D Link regarding this,I will await their reply.

  ambra4 06:24 17 Jul 2008

The pc with the LAN card that is build on the motherboard will stay lighted, as the LAN card port is

not switched of, but keep synch with the router so that you have instant Internet access when you

power up the computer

Where as the Lan card that is on the PCI bus is switched of when you turn of the computer and there

is a slight delay to access the internet when you turn on the computer

All 4 Lan light is on my router stay on even when the computers are turn off all using build on LAN


  anniesboy 09:09 17 Jul 2008

Ambra4 thanks for that,it fully explains why one light goes out and the other stays on.
Ive had no reply from D Link as yet.

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