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  _plAsma 18:22 30 Aug 2004

Does this router:

NETGEAR FVS328 (click here)

have a built in modem does anyone know?
(or do all routers have a built in modem? :/ )

If it doesnt, is someone able to tell me how to connect a modem.


ps: if anyone has a netgear router or network device would i by any chance please have a screenshot of the Web Control Panel pleeease? :p (i couldnt find any on the net and was wondering what its like)

  _plAsma 18:56 30 Aug 2004


  _plAsma 20:03 30 Aug 2004


  _plAsma 21:22 30 Aug 2004

bump? :(

  wallbash 21:37 30 Aug 2004

Netgear FVS328 Broadband Router with VPN Firewall is a true firewall which provides Denial of Service (DoS) protection and Intrusion Detection using Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), URL access and content filtering, logging, reporting, and real-time alerts. With 8 auto-sensing LAN ports and Network Address Translation routing, multiple users can access your broadband connection at the same

**IMPORTANT NOTE** you will need a DSL/Cable modem in addition to this product to gain access to the Internet eg: DM602.

  _plAsma 21:46 30 Aug 2004

ah, ok thanks - how would i connect the dsl modem to the router? :/

  _plAsma 21:47 30 Aug 2004

ah, ok thanks - how would i connect the dsl modem to the router? :/

  wallbash 22:12 30 Aug 2004

Haven't actually got a Netgear Router, have a wired system at home using a far cheaper Origo router. But all routers come with excellent instructions, basicly just push the cables in to the holes, they will only fit the correct ones!!!

Please check out FE reply timed at 15.10 today

Can someone talk about routers

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