Router problem?

  geordielad307 09:35 05 Jun 2004

Please bear with me on this one.
On Thursday we had a new telephone line fitted. Prior to this we were running a Windows 98 desktop PC , and a XP Home Edition laptop, both online at the same time , via a wireless router.
This was working perfectly.
Now, whenever the second user tries to go on-line, the other user is "kicked-out".
The guy from the PO says it must be an AOL fault, but doesn't know what. Any suggestions guys?

  computernerdiamnot 13:11 05 Jun 2004


  Charence 13:14 05 Jun 2004

erm...Have you setup your Internet Connection to be Shared?


  rober32 15:25 05 Jun 2004

Sounds as if the XP machine has taken charge of the Internet gateway. Your wireless router is an Internet Gateway, its main purpose is to allow a gateway for the wireless network, i.e. it’s the router/modem that connects to the outside world. Windows XP also has a function that when going through the Microsoft networking wizard it sets up a Virtual Internet Gateway. This causes quite a bit of problems where one PC on the network may stop working while the other is working and vice versa. When Windows XP has this enabled it basically means that it is also try to do what your router does, so the network thinks there is two gateways on the network. Check the network connections on the XP PC and look for an internet gateway. Let me know if there is one.

  Charence 16:11 05 Jun 2004

1.First of all check wheter the computers can communicate with the router and each other - open DOS (START > RUN > command) and ping each device. Type "ping IP_address" for each device. If this works and no packets are lost then your network and router are working.

2.Make sure Default Gateway on BOTH computers is the router's - open DOS (START > RUN > command) and type ipconfig. The DEFAULT GATEWAY should be the same as Router IP Address. If not you must change this.

3.Make sure Internet Connection is Shared - go to START > CONTROL PANEL > NETWORK & INTERNET CONNECTIONS > NETWORK CONNECTIONS and right click your Internet Connection click PROPERTIES. Go to ADVANCED tab and make sure that Internet Sharing checkboxes are ALL ticked.

4.If Default Gateway incorrect - go to START > CONTROL PANEL > NETWORK & INTERNET CONNECTIONS > NETWORK CONNECTIONS and right click Internet Connection click PROPERTIES. Select TCP/IP and click PROPERTIES. Type in the IP Address of ROUTER for DEFAULT GATEWAY on BOTH computers. Repeat this process for Local Area Network Connection as well.

5.Make sure SUBNET MASK is same on ALL devices (router, both computers) - check by going to DOS and typing ipconfig (2). If they are not all the same, go to (4) and set the SUBNET MASK the SAME for each device.


  geordielad307 22:24 05 Jun 2004

Thanks guys for your splendid responses. I will have to get a knowledgeable friend to come to my house tomorrow and give them a try.
Main problem is that my computer is all in German and it doesn't have the usual English format, ie: control panel etc., But I am fairly sure that my friend will be able to sort it out.
I will get back to you all as soon as we have some development. Thanks very much for your input. It is greatly appreciated. Geordielad.

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