router to pc, now pc to xbox?

  second best 01:37 14 Dec 2004

hi i've posted a couple of threads lately asking how to configure router to share ip with three xbox's on xbox live... old router was simply not compatible, so we have another which is ok, for now. now i want to send my connection thru my pc and to my xbox.. i obviously have to ethernet ports. tired of going under table and unplugging it, then plugging it back into xbox and, then back again. would be nice if i could just turn from one to the other, without changing cables all the time. can this be done? thanks.

  Rigga 09:24 14 Dec 2004

If you have a router, does it have more than one ethernet port?

If so you should just be able to buy a second ethernet cable and plug both the xbox and PC in at the same time?


  second best 12:22 14 Dec 2004

thanks, rigga, but the modem and router are one flight of stairs down. i don't want to fork out on 20 m of rj45. i'm sure i can just pass it thru my pc. i think anyway.

  Rigga 12:36 14 Dec 2004

Ah I see. It's not so much pass through your pc, what you will need is a hub, and two pieces of RJ45.

Connect the RJ45 from the modem and router that's already connected to your PC and connect that to the hub, then connect the two new pieces of RJ45 from the hub to your PC and your XBox.


  Rigga 12:39 14 Dec 2004

Having thought some more.. you probably can pass it through your PC by using a RJ45 crossover cable, from your second ethernet port on the PC to the Xbox. The setting up Internet connection sharing.

But I would go for the first option if cost allows as it's the easiest to configure and maintain, and the PC doesn't have to be switched on all the time.


  second best 12:46 14 Dec 2004

thanks again rigga, but if it was a case of money, then i would just buy an extra rj45 like you firt suggested. the other way i would have to buy a hub and a crossover cable. so i lose all ways lol. if i got from my pc to xbox, will i need a crossover cable. ihave a straight thru at the moment. what do i need to do to configure the connection.

  second best 12:47 14 Dec 2004

and, doesn't a hub, 'split' the connection?

  Rigga 13:03 14 Dec 2004

Yes a hub splits the connection.

So you either need a hub, any old cheap ethernet hub will do, and two short straight though cables.

Or you leave the current straight cable to your PC and you will need a crossover cable to connect your PC and Xbox together. Then you will need to use Internet connection sharing to let the Xbox use the internet connection of the PC. You will then need the PC switched on for the xbox to get to the internet.

As I said before, a cheap hub and two short cables should be the preferred option, and shouldn't be much more expensive.


  second best 13:18 14 Dec 2004

but while playing on xbox live with my homies, i will have less of a connection than they, therefore subjecting myself to much death online. i think i will try the crossover cable and ics, although, i read recently, that inorder to use ics, i need to be connected the the router via usb. is this true? thanks again.

  second best 13:19 14 Dec 2004

eehh, eh! standing on the shoulders of giants.

  Rigga 13:37 14 Dec 2004

Firstly, you won't have a lesser connection, a hub does not split as in gives 50% to one and 50% to the other. A hub is just a splitter like a tv arial splitter, both TV's have all the picture, it gives 100% capacity to each.

The computer and Xbox will have to chare the capacity but as long as the computer is not sending / receiving to the internet then the Xbox will have all of the capacity to itself.

If the PC is receiving a file and your playing on the xbox at the same time.. then that will slow the connection as the connection is shared.

This slowdown would also happen if you used a crossover cable and setup ICS, plus you would have the minimal overhead of the PC passing the traffic throught from one network to another.

As I said before the best solution is the hub and two new cables.


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