Router or modems for Broadband

  Steve C 14:24 14 Mar 2004

I am thinking of getting broadband I have 2 PC's sharing 1 telephone cable upstairs and a laptop down. I would like to be able to allow all 3 to access the internet at the same time if necessary.
Would a router do it or 3 separate usb modems.I don't want to network them if possible

  SEASHANTY 14:37 14 Mar 2004

A router should do it quite easily. Wireless for convenience. You do not have to network the system if it is not required. You will need a wireless interface tho' at each PC/Laptop with the router acting as the central hub
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  Bagsey 14:39 14 Mar 2004

If you had 3 modems you would have 3 accounts so would cost you 3 times as much. You could do it that way but you would not be able to use all 3 machines at the same time . Networking is the best way, whether cable or router only you can decide. A wire less connection saves a lot of cabling but costs. Cables dont run cheap if they have to reach over long distances i.e downstairs to upstairs rooms. With BB you only have one permenant computer address as it is an always on service. Unlike dial up which allocates a new address each time you connect. AS I UNDERSTAND IT.

  hellred 17:18 14 Mar 2004

All you need to do is this:

Connect and install a wireless PC card or usb card on each mashine and have the desktop pc set to share the connection and all the other Pcs will connect via the network. Thats how mine is set up and even when two users are surfing it hardly affects the speed.

As you will need to network the PCs anyway you will save the cost of the router in this way.

Preferably use XP Pro on all PCs as this is simple to set up.

Make sure all the Pcs are on the same network ID and assinged the same workgroup name.

For security set the WEP Encryption, so others cannot accsess the network.

All other settings on auto and reconfigure mailsettings to workgroup and set to send and recieve via LAN. I use 802.11B cards and they seem to be pretty quick, there is a faster version now called 802.11G.

You can then use the same printer as well.

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