Router not working with older pc

  coolteentom 12:08 24 Aug 2005


I have a Netgear 4-way router, connecting a ntlworld cable modem to a windows xp HE laptop and windows 98se pc.

I am able to connect the xp laptop fine, however the old 98 pc isn't accessing the internet through it at the minute.

The problem seemed to occur after using the router with two newer PCs.

I have a feeling that its just something to do with some setting on the PC.

Can anyone help me pleasee?

Thanks alot,


  woodchip 12:15 24 Aug 2005

How are you connected with Win98 as I use one with a 3Com router and XP desktop and a XP laptop. only Laptop Wireless. Not through Cable, BT line and NTL/ Freedom BB

  coolteentom 12:19 24 Aug 2005

sorry, forgot to mention. both are connected through ethernet cables.

this happened at first setup when i bought it, i rang there 3 month customer support line and they made me put a command into Run which gave me a window wih something to do with an IP I think.

  woodchip 12:25 24 Aug 2005

Look in Device Manager to see how many Lan's you have. also check under Network adapters you should only have one Ethernet

  petescully 12:35 24 Aug 2005

First can you clarify, how many computers do you have connected to your network/router?

Do you have a firewall running on any of the PCs? Have you set it up correctly? Bare in mind XP has it's own firewall.

How is your router setup? DHCP?

Are your XP Laptop and 98 PC set to obtain automatic IP addresses in the Network connections/ network properties?

Can your 98 PC see the router? Can you 'ping' it?

1. Open up a dos prompt -
Win XP
Start>Run>"CMD" [Press OK]

Win 98
Start>Run>"command" [Press OK]

2. Type "ipconfig /all" to display the network settings

3. Look for the IP addresses on each screen, they should be similar, but not the same.

4. From each, whilst still in the dos prompt, type "ping [then the other PC's IP address]" Example "ping"

5. Wait for the response. (this will tell you if you can communicate with the other computer.)

6. Next try the same thing with the router. "ping [then the router's IP address]" - For example "ping"

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