Router - Netgear RP114 & Remote Assistance

  Pc.2 09:51 23 May 2003

After several weeks and many many tel. calls to Netgear concerning the problem with being unable to use Remote Assistance with the RP114 Router, they have finally decided that I have bugged them enough , and have told me the truth.....IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO USE ANY PROGRAM THAT REQUIRES UpNp....this would include online Gaming, Remote Assistance and any other program that requires a both way connection. They were surprised that the Rp114 was still being sold in the UK as it is now 3 years old and has been replaced several times since. But all is not doom & gloom, the latest model (2 years old) RP614 does have the UpNp software installed, it is available from just about anywhere for around £48 and the best bit.......I just plugged it in, and Bingo, I have now got Remote Assistance back. Hoorah! And a bonus----it works just great with Zonealarm etc.

Thankyou to everybody that had previously tried to help me with this problem. I hope this will help others having the same problems..


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