Router needs rebooting frequently

  TOFF 09:09 13 Dec 2018

I have a BT Smart hub 6 router and a Linksys Velop Triband mesh system. The wireless on my router is switched off and the wireless signal is emitted by the mesh system. Nothing is normally connected by Ethernet cable to the router except the mesh system.

I have noticed the speed dropping at various times during the day and have had to reboot the router to restore a better speed. A good download speed for me is 16mbps (1mbps upload) but it often sinks to 1mbps or worse.

To test if it was the mesh system at fault, I connected my desktop PC by Ethernet cable directly to the router. I still had speed drops with no internet connection messages in my PC’s browser despite a blue light on the router. I can only conclude it’s the router which is at fault. It has the latest firmware so I’m not sure what else to do. BT help are no use for this. I haven’t done a factory reset recently but have done it twice in the past couple of months.

Any advice gratefully accepted.

  Jollyjohn 12:45 13 Dec 2018

Double check you have filters on all landline phones, swap them round just in case a loose connection.

Find the master BT socket in the house, remove faceplate and connect router to test socket. This will disconnect any other phones in the property. If the issue is still present then it is a fault outside the property - hassle BT to get a line check done.

  wee eddie 12:58 13 Dec 2018

TOFF, bear in mind that speeds of delivery usually drop at certain time during the day and at peak viewing times in the evening.

Also, I'm not totally sure of this, every time you reboot your Router, it needs to reconfigure itself, which results in lower speeds until it has done so. Sometimes up to 48 hours are needed for this to settle

  TOFF 09:47 18 Dec 2018

Thanks gentlemen. Jollyjohn - I don’t have any separate filters any more other than the one built in to my master socket which is where the phone base station and the router are connected. There are no other phone connections. Wee Eddie - I hadn’t appreciated that rebooting the router might take 48 hours to settle but will bear it in mind. You’re right about peak times but it still doesn’t explain why switching the router off and on again immediately improves the speed.

Thank you for our suggestions.

  Jollyjohn 11:59 20 Dec 2018

Thanks for the reply - your setup is good, eliminates any potential hardware issues. You could try Traceroute - google for it - It will show where the slowest hop of a connection is.

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