Router, NAS and Switch

  NJ4959 19:43 05 Nov 2010

I live in a first floor flat and share my broadband with the person in the ground floor flat. The router is in the ground floor flat and the person connects to it with a wired connection. I have a desktop PC and a laptop and they both connect to the router wirelessly. I have recently added a Netgear Stora NAS and I have run a Ethernet cable from the router downstairs to the Stora as it is in my flat and cannot be connected to the router wirelessly. Accessing the Stora from my desktop and laptop wirelessly works fine except when I transfer large data files such as photo albums or music when the wireless connection disconnects. It usually reconnects about a minute later.

If I added a switch to the cable for the NAS and also connected my desktop to the switch would this work and also would the NAS still feed back to the router and still be available wirelessly?

I’m pretty new to this networking thing as you can probably tell. Any help would be appreciated.

  mgmcc 08:08 06 Nov 2010

Yes it will work. Attaching a Network Switch to your existing cable and then connecting the PC to it should, in practice, be no different from connecting your PC directly to one of the router's ports. There will be no impact on your ability to connect the Laptop wirelessly.

  NJ4959 19:15 06 Nov 2010

Thanks for that. I had visions of the NAS seeing a shortcut to my desktop and ignoring the router and not being available wirelessly.

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