Router MR814v2 Initial Set Up

  tammer 18:20 11 Sep 2005

I have a new laptop with Intel Pro Wireless and built in Wifi (you might have already guessed I'm a total novice).

I have blueyonder broadband and have been given someone else's Netgear MR814v2 wireless router. Having connected everything up, web access works when an ethernet cable is attached directly to the router but without this I can't access any website (server not found). I've reset the router to the factory settings using the button on the back.

The first sign of a problem is that I can't log in to the router(even through the wired connection) at the address (click here). It comes up with server not found or something. Wirelessly through Intel pro or windows XP, I can connect to the router but is says there is limited or no connectivity (there's an oxymoron for you). The problem is "the network could not assign a network address to the computer".

Can anyone help? Surely it should be a piece of cake to connect to these things after resetting to the factory settings? I've read through various sections of the 100 page manual on the web but I'm totally baffled why I can't log in to the router over the wired connection (and see that as probably relevant to why the wireless doesn't work. How do I log in to the router?

  LastChip 22:29 11 Sep 2005

Are you using the correct default settings click here

In particular, your address should be;

click here

(not just as occasionally depending on your browser settings, this does not work)

Username = admin

Password = password

Often on Routers, these are case sensitive,so make sure you type them exactly as my link.

Also, if XP's firewall is activated, de-activate it for the duration of getting your network working properly. This is without question, the single most cause of grief when trying to get a network working.

  LastChip 22:32 11 Sep 2005

I need to put some spaces in to get it onto this thread;

http: //192. 168. 0. 1

(ignore the spaces when using it for real).

  tammer 19:45 12 Sep 2005

I tried turning the XP firewall off but it still didn't work using that web address (in the click here part) - "page cannot be displayed".

As far as I can tell, my settings are fine although that link refers to settings after you've logged in - which I can't do due to the above.

  tammer 19:45 25 Sep 2005

I've given up and bought a new Netgear MR614 router from Amazon for £30. The previous router had a "tw" after the model no. and I think it must have had some strange settings specifically for Telewest.

Thanks anyway.

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