Router losing sync.

  amonra 16:06 25 Mar 2011

I have been asked to help a friend who has just had BT broadband installed. He is on a VERY long line so does not expect a very high speed but apparently it works OK except when he answers an incoming telephone call, whereupon the router loses its sync with the exchange and takes ages to re-establish a lock again. As long as he does not answer the i/c call, it's OK.
I'm going to visit this weekend and would like to go prepared, so any suggestions please ?
He has got a laptop with Win 7 and he uses it with a wireless link to the router. I strongly suspect wiring or filter problems but any contributions gratefully received. It's rather a long way to go and find I've left the **** at home !

  woodchip 16:59 25 Mar 2011

if he as call waiting, he needs to remove or disable it

  Batch 17:04 25 Mar 2011

You could consider a BT i-Plate (seee click here), but read all the details and make sure it is appropriate first.

If it is not appropriate due to not having the correct type of master socket or you just can't be bothered with the i-Plate, you could look at: click here

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