Router login and password

  amonra 20:16 03 May 2008

A very good friend is having BB installed next week and I have told him he can have my old Sparkcom 4 port router.
BUT, big BUT, I can't find the handbook that came with it in order to find the initial login and password settings.
If I remember correctly they were "admin" for both, but does any forum member have a similar router to verify the settings please ?
I cant find any ref. on the web, not even the manufacturer's website.

  csqwared 20:31 03 May 2008

A couple of forums seem to suggest this:-
"admin level is: username = admin password is: epicrouter. for user: username- user password = password. ypu change these to whatever you want obviously. If these dont work then reset the router totally and disconn from i-net until you have changed all your settings. HTH, Balrog

Have a look here click here
7:46 post on 10-09-2004

and here click here about two thirds of the way down the page. OTH.

  amonra 22:40 03 May 2008

Many thanks to you both, I wont look a complete idiot when I go there to instal the router.

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