router keeps disconnecting

  rubygxx 16:52 16 Oct 2011

Hello, i am having a problem with my router, it keeps on disconnecting or , like this morning , web pages take ages to load,in the task bar the wireless signal is connected and signal strength is excellent, but often whether early morning or evening, it just seems to die, it is a Thompson speed touch ST585v6sl,i am on a windows 7 laptop, also my daughter has laptop and my son connects wirelessly with a playstation 3, we frequently get discconected and i was wondering if it was a new router i was needing, this extremely slow behaviour and disconnections happen even when i disconnect from wireless and use a wired connection, there is no difference, i would have thought that would make it more stable , any ideas please, much appreciated thanks

  eedcam 18:18 16 Oct 2011

have you checked with your ISP might possibly be down to them

  rubygxx 18:25 16 Oct 2011

No i haven't, i may give them a phone tomorrow and see what they say, its getting to talk to someone who can understand you and who you can understand , if you get to talk to the Irish folk it fine but it is usually Asian folk first and i can never make out what they are saying, but i will try anyway, thanks

  rdave13 19:27 16 Oct 2011

Sounds like AOL. Try running a speed test

  rdave13 19:30 16 Oct 2011

It might take a while if your speed is down.

  rubygxx 04:57 17 Oct 2011

Hi , i have done numerous speed tests, my speed is always around 2216kbps download speed sometimes slightly more , sometimes slightly less,i never reach 3Mb, i have done this with loads of different speed checkers, generally , like this morning that speed is fine,i am the only one online,its probably not enough to keep two of us going plus one person on a playstation ! my connection is good this morning , but i checked the network map and my daughters laptop is not on, its only mine , yesterday morning she was online with her laptop and iphone , i couldn't get any pages to load hardly at all,do you think if i got an N router it would help, mine is 802.11g, don't know that much about routers , thanks

  onthelimit1 08:25 17 Oct 2011

Just for info, I've recently replaced my 585 router (5 or six yrs old), as I began to get frequent disconnections. Touch wood, non with the new one (2 weeks).

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