Router as an Internet Switch, is it possible?

  RISC OS user 15:29 04 Dec 2013

Can I use one of my Thomson routers as a switch? I have a Technicolor TG 582n as my router, and two redundant routers one of which I would like to utilise as a switch. Not sure if this will work, the IP address is the same for all of them! They are all wireless with 4 LAN Ports I would only wish to use the LAN not the Wireless.

  rdave13 15:35 04 Dec 2013

Have a look here.

  RISC OS user 23:02 04 Dec 2013

Thanks rdave13, have not read it yet, but looks interesting.

  onthelimit1 08:38 05 Dec 2013

Did this with an old Netgear and a couple of home plugs. Pretty sure all I had to do was change the IP address article here

  Secret-Squirrel 11:36 05 Dec 2013

"......... and two redundant routers one of which I would like to utilise as a switch."

Is that router a cable router? If it is then the advice given will work just fine. However, in the UK most folks have an ADSL modem/router which is unlikely to work as a switch because most of them lack an Ethernet input port.

If you post your router's name and model number then I'll look at its specs and advise if it'll work or not.

  onthelimit1 13:20 05 Dec 2013

SS - my netgear is a standard ADSL. The ethernet input just plugs into one of the 4 sockets on the back. outputs to other devices plug into the remaining 3.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:28 05 Dec 2013

" netgear is a standard ADSL."

That's reassuring news - let's hope the OP's router supports that feature too as most ADSL routers don't.

If the OP really needs a network switch then something inexpensive like this may be the best and less complicated solution as they're completely plug 'n' play. You can get them even cheaper if you don't want gigabit Ethernet support.

  RISC OS user 17:11 05 Dec 2013

Hi Secret-Squirrel Thanks for the reply, the two are Thomson Speedtouch 585v6 (Tiscali) and Thomson Speedtouch 585v7 (plusnet)

I take it that I should reset the old routers back to their factory settings so as to remove the IP addresses which were in use when they were acting as routers and change the IP address of the one I am going to use as the switch to instead of its default.

I look forward to reading your rely

  RISC OS user 17:16 05 Dec 2013

I did try a TP 4 port switch but I seemed to cause me problems in that my laptop was ok via the switch but the desktop which was still using a port on the original router developed a very slow and or jerky mouse amongst some other slowing problems so that is why I thought I would try again with what I already had!

  onthelimit1 18:47 05 Dec 2013

Hmmm. You may have problems with routers supplied by ISPs as they can be locked.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:12 05 Dec 2013

".......Thomson Speedtouch 585v7 (plusnet)"

A Google search reveals that apparently it can be done - see here. Configuring the router using a Telnet session will make it a tad more complicated but there's no harm in trying.

Like OTL has said, you may run into problems because your routers are ISP-supplied and may have custom firmware.

Good luck.

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