Router Info Good or Bad

  Press Man 21:38 23 Mar 2007

Hi Guys,

I think I am now connected on an up to 8Mb connection. The following info is from the router, can anyone please tell me if these figures are good or bad, and which of the numbers I should be keeping an eye on.
Thanks in advance.

DSL Status UP
DSL Modulation Mode GDMT
DSL Path Mode FAST
Downstream Rate 7616 Kbps
Upstream Rate 448 Kbps
Downstream Margin 3 db
Upstream Margin 27 db
Downstream Line Attenuation 40
Upstream Line Attenuation 23
Downstream Transmit Power 0
Upstream Transmit Power 0

Encapsulation RFC 2364 PPPoA
Multiplexing VC
Pcr Rate 0
Scr Rate 0
Autodetect Disable
VCI 38
Enable Yes
PVC Status Applied

  De Marcus™ 21:40 23 Mar 2007

"Downstream Rate 7616 Kbps"

That's a very good figure for an ADSL line.

  Dipso 21:53 23 Mar 2007

"Downstream Margin 3 db"

You need to keep an eye on this figure. Ideally it should be 6 or above to maintain a connection. You may find that if this goes any lower you may lose sync and your connection will drop and possibly resync at a lower line rate.

Following the advice click here you could optimize your internal phone wiring and possibly increase your noise margin.

  Press Man 22:09 23 Mar 2007

As I indicated in my first post this connection has happened in the last day or so. I have just done a speed test and it is at 1.3Mb. I assume that this is because the system is in "learning mode"? Or does anyone think it should be better?

  Dipso 22:12 23 Mar 2007

Sometimes your speed can be restricted to no more than 2Meg for the first 3 days of the connection.

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