Router Firewall preventing file sharing???

  tigernick 15:07 15 Nov 2005

I have a home network consisting of one desktop PC connected to a wireless modem router, and another PC upstairs connected to the router wirelessly. Both PC's share my broadband connection fine.

The problem arises when I try to share files between the two computers. Both PC's have the same workgroup name and i've made the files I want to share available. I can access the shared files on the upstairs PC from the downstairs PC connected to the router via my network places.

When i try to do the oppsosite on the upstairs PC and access files on the downstairs PC I can only see the router in my network places. When i try to access the workgroup i get a message saying "Workgroup is not accessible. You might not have permission to access this network resource. Network path not found."

I have been successful in pinging both PC's and router from all angles, no problem there. I think the firewall on the router may be blocking the file sharing, but am not sure and would really appreciate any help!!!???

  scotty 15:38 15 Nov 2005

It is more likely that a software firewall on the computer is the cause. Try disabling any software firewalls (including XP's own).

One other thought, does either pc use XP Pro? I have read of this causing problems before and some settings need to be changed for sharing to work.

  tigernick 17:31 15 Nov 2005

Yeah the PC upstairs is XP pro and the PC downstairs is XP home. Il try disabling firewalls and see if that works tomorrow thanx!

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