Router drops ADSL connection when Wireless used

  RDG 17:05 04 Jul 2005

I have been using a Belkin F5D7630 ADSL router for some time with Three computers connected via the LAN ports with no problem.
When I add a Wireless connection to my Laptop I can access the Internet etc but the Router will eventually lose the ADSL connection and it can be difficult to re connect.
Only solution is to switch off the Wireless connection and all works well again.
The wireless connection is solid and this does not appear to be the problem. Using BT for the ADSL connection at 512Kbps.
Anyone have any suggestions please ??

  Taff36 07:39 05 Jul 2005

Can`t see how the wireless connection can affect the router in this way but I`ll have a quick look at the manual and get back to you. There was a thread recently about BT wanting extra to support wireless on their BT Basic package. Is that what you`re on?

  wee eddie 09:07 05 Jul 2005

Cordless (DECT) Telephones have been a problem in such cases.

If you have a Base Station try the Network with it totally disconnected

  RDG 17:13 05 Jul 2005

Thank you Taff36 and wee eddie for your suggestions. It's not a wireless problem it's been the ADSL connection dropping out.
I am using BT Yahoo so there should be no problem on that either. I have just removed the 3 com switch from my system and all is working fine at the moment. In doing this I have two computers directly connected via LAN and one via the Wireless. I still have one more which should be connected but I will tread softly and see what happens.
Thanks for your ideas.

  wee eddie 20:03 05 Jul 2005

I do not know why DECT Phones and Broadband, sometimes have problems, but is such a simple solution not worth trying at the very least.

  RDG 20:12 05 Jul 2005

wee eddie

Sorry I should have added that we don't have any cordless phones. But why lose the ADSL connection I would have thought I would have seen the wireless connection go ?

  wee eddie 23:26 05 Jul 2005

I have no idea why, but some DECT phones appear to affect the Routers operation.

On one of the previous threads relating to a Voyager205, there was a response from a manufacturer that said that they could not guarantee that their equipment was compatible with Broadband.

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