Router dropping out when I am on the Internet etc

  Rentner2 22:32 20 Dec 2015

I have a Belkin Router N450. Had this for a few years and had no problems, but recently it has stated dropping connection. It is self healing and reconnects after a few seconds , so whilst on the Net it is an irritation but not so bad BUT when I am skyping I have to keep reconnecting which is a great nuisance. I would be very grateful if anyone could suggest a remedy please

  rdave13 23:05 20 Dec 2015

First step is to contact your ISP with the problem. There might be issues on your line or local exchange.

  difarn 19:32 21 Dec 2015

Is there anything that may be interfering with the wifi signal?
Have you tried changing your router's wifi channel? Is your wifi adapter driver up to date? Is your router firmware up to date?

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