Router drop out with wireless copy to network disk

  User-9A919F67-6ADE-4BFB-8B35A0F56CB2F7D6 19:18 05 Jan 2009

I have had the following setup for the past year and had virtually no networking problems of any sort.

1 x SKY ADSL router with wireless b&g enabled.
2 x PC's running XP and connecting via wireless
1 x laptop running vista and connectind via wireless.

All the computers have fixed IP addresses, and I can copy between them okay.

For christmas I brought a 500Gb Network drive, which I have connected to the router via an ethernet cable. This also has a fixed IP address.

I can copy any amount of data from one of the XP computers via wireless to the network drive and get no failures at all. I recently copied about 50Gb from it over night at about 500-800Kb/Sec.

If I try and copy from the other XP computer or the Vista laptop however, after a seemingly random amount of time ALL of the network connections on ALL of the computers drop out. On the router all the lights (except power) go out. I then have to power the router off and back on. When these two systems are copying it is at about 1.5 - 3 Mb/Sec.

If I then run an ethernet cable from either of these computers to the router I can then copy any amount of data without a problem.

I don't want to have to run ethernet cables all over the house, which is why I use wireless. Anybody have any ideas?

One other piece of info that may help.

The computer that is stable is connecting to the router via 802.11b. The two that drop out are using 802.11g. The router is set to use both types.

Is there something I can do to make the 2 g adapters drop down to b? Would this make any difference?

Thanks in advance.


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