Router Connections

  DAG88 17:58 05 Nov 2003

I have 2 PCs running Windows XP connected to a router to share a broadband connection. There are 3 green lEDs that light up when the network cables are connected: 10/100, Link/ACT & FDX/COL.

Recently the FDX/COL LED has stopped showing when my PC is connected to it. I have tryed different LAN ports to see if the problem was the LED had broke but it is whatever one my computer is connected to. The LED still lights when the other computer connects to it.

There doesn't seem to be a problem with the internet but i would like to know what the FDX/COL means and what will have stopped working (if anything)

Thanks, David

FDX = Full Duplex Mode - if lit continuously, the connection made thru the port is in Full Duplex mode.

COL = Collision - If the LED flickers, the connection is experiencing collisions.
Infrequent collisions are normal.

  DAG88 18:21 05 Nov 2003

so what does it mean when it does not light at all?

  madPentium 19:42 05 Nov 2003

does windows say the network card is working ok? have you tried swapping a cable from one of the computers that works? I have have had many problems from cables, even new ones. Im sure most of them arent tested but just thrown into the wrapping and shipped to shops.

  DAG88 22:37 05 Nov 2003

yes everything appears to be workinh fine i just wanted to know what it meant when the LED didn't light up

  DAG88 22:39 05 Nov 2003

i havent switched around the cables yet though, i'll try that

If the lamp is not lit, then my understanding is that the device is operating in Half Duplex Mode.

I have 4 PC's on my home network and only two of the connections indicate FDX, the other two are unlit, but all works fine.

  DAG88 20:24 06 Nov 2003

thanks guys

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