router connection problem

  docjohn 11:56 07 Dec 2008

I have a Netgear DBG111GUK router and I am running Vista with the free download of Zone Alarm. When I switch the router on (I do it before switching the computer on), the third light from one end takes ages to change from flashing yellow to steady green. Often I have to switch off and on two or three times before I get the steady green. Why is this? Is it a fault with my telephone line or the router? Or is it a fault with Tiscali Talk, who provide my broadband & telephone service? Once the green light is there, I switch my computer on and everything is OK, I can get on-line without problems. (I used to switch my computer on before the router and I had the same problem so thinking it might be a Zone Alarm problem, I changed my routine to the present one.)

  citadel 12:59 07 Dec 2008

I have my router on a seperate wall socket to the rest of the pc and leave it switched on all the time.

  Ashrich 13:53 07 Dec 2008

It sounds like the router is re-synchronising with the exchange , it has to let the exchange know that it is using the internet again as it was switched off before . With a popular much used ISP like Tiscali their equipment will always be busy so it will take more than a few seconds to connect .


  Technotiger 14:03 07 Dec 2008

You should never switch the router off!

  Rahere 16:43 07 Dec 2008

Out of interest why not turn off the router?

My thinking is that leaving your internet connection on 24 hours a day is unnecessary for most people and potentially dangerous attacks on your network via the internet. Turning off saves power and lowers the chance of a random attack on your allocated IP address especially if it's static.

  iscanut 17:03 07 Dec 2008

I have always turned my router off when finished with the PC. Have done so for years with no ill effects. Why should you never turn it off ? The reason is lost on me !

  ambra4 20:17 07 Dec 2008

“The third light from one end takes ages to change from flashing yellow to steady green. Often I have to switch off and on two or three times before I get the steady green.”

When you first power up the modem/router the modem has to sync with the modem in the

exchange and authenticate your user name, password, and assigns an IP address before allowing

Internet access

If for whatever reason the exchange is very busy or there is a problem on the phone line the

modems will keep trying to synch with the exchange modem to authenticate your user name,

password and assign the IP address which can take quite a while before allowing you access

Just leaving the router switch on 24/7 will help the quality of your broadband connection with

the exchange modem and help you to troubleshoot if there is a line or exchange problem

There is normally no need to turn the ADSL modem/router off, except if there is a slow

connection or a line problem

In a thunderstorm one should disconnect the phone line cable from the modem/router or connect

a ADSL Broadband Telephone Line Surge Protection

click here

There is a lot of talk about save power and help the environment the normal router uses about 4

watts of power, roughly a penny a day at typical electric prices, it make me wonder if in turn you

all power off the wireless cordless phones or the Remote Control TV which is always drawing

electricity if it is switch off via the remote and uses more power than the normal router to save

power and help the environment

  Rahere 19:21 09 Dec 2008

Power saving is only a part of it - There are many ways to do this and you can take it as far as you like - we all need to save power daily - unless you want a new nuclear or coal fired power station on your in North Kent I don't want to be responsible for that!

The main point was security - Leaving a Wireless network on permanently gives anyone so inclined to break the encryption and read your data, maybe even access your network - it is easy to break encryption WEP or WPA, it can be done in a matter of minutes using the right equipment.

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