router connected by ethernet cable.but fails when

  worcesterman47 21:14 02 Nov 2007

hi, i have set up belkin router connected to net with ethernet cable...but when cable is removed..i lose connection to internet..message comes up saying " cable unplugged"..i need to get it set up so as i can use laptop anywhere ( only laptop no other pc's...any firther help/advice as to why would be greatly appreciated..have tried all other previous suggestions in other post' many thanks in advance

  Ashrich 21:24 02 Nov 2007

What happens when you try to connect via wireless ?
What operating system does the laptop use ?


  woodchip 21:25 02 Nov 2007

Go back into router Setup, then go to wireless, now choose connect wireless. Do not setup Encryption at this time. save settings and reboot router. Can you connect?

PS is the Laptop Wireless Wi-Fi built in or are you using a Wireless USB dongle or Wi-Fi PCMCIA card?????

  worcesterman47 21:26 02 Nov 2007

yep to both wireless questions..and no have not yet set any security...when i unplugged everyhing to try and connect to web thats when i get "cable unplugged" have to reconnect ethernet cable to send these messages

  Ashrich 21:30 02 Nov 2007

What message do you get when you get Windows to scan for wireless networks ?


  worcesterman47 21:31 02 Nov 2007

woodchip...the laptop has wi fi built in....& in router there is no setting just called wireless..just wireless bridge...

  worcesterman47 21:34 02 Nov 2007 does not show any message about scanning for wireless networks....and o/s is winxp

  woodchip 21:37 02 Nov 2007

Go to Control Panel Network Connections Double click Wireless Connection

  worcesterman47 21:40 02 Nov 2007

woodchip..ok..then what?

  Ashrich 21:40 02 Nov 2007

On the right hand side of the taskbar , providing your wireless is enabled , you'll see a single monitor icon , double click on it and then click on " view wireless networks " , find yours ( Belkin unsecured ) and double click on it , see if it will connect , if it does , open your browser and you should be online .


  worcesterman47 21:43 02 Nov 2007

nothing cannot configure this wireless connection "

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