Router is connected but cant access the internet

  gailmcfarlane 04:38 10 Jan 2013

Im having some problems connecting to the internet. my router is perfectly connected but i cant have wireless internet connection. when i plug the cable in the wall socket and in my computer, it works perfectly. But when i try to plug it in my router to have wireless, it doesnt work. Ive tried resetting the router or installing it again. but it doesnt work. HELPPP PLEASEE.

  difarn 05:41 10 Jan 2013

I am not entirely sure what you mean by your router works perfectly when you plug the cable into the wall socket but when you try to plug it into the router it doesn't. What type of router do you have? Is it just a router, a modem/router or do you have a separate modem too?

Assuming you just have a router. First of all have you plugged in your router to a power supply?

Have you connected your router by ethernet cable to the filter that is attached to the box that brings in the telephone supply - this filter has your telephone connected to one socket.

Are there lights on your router?

If so, go through the process of setting up a wired connection first by attaching an ethernet cable to your computer to the router. You then have to fill in the details requested by the connection wizard.

Once this wired connection works you can then disconnect the ethernet cable from your pc and attempt a wireless connection.This article gives you the steps.

You do not say which operating system you are using.

Are you using a laptop? If so is the wireless enabled?

  gailmcfarlane 05:58 10 Jan 2013

My router is a modem/router included, it belkin. it was working fine before. im using a laptop, win 7 and yes with wireless option. yes the lights are on and are completely normal (which is blue). my computer detects my router and it connects to it. however, it doesnt allow me to access internet. when i plug in my ethernet cable to my computer and to the wall socket, it works perfectly. so its not an internet problem. yes my router is plugged correctly, nothing changed except i cant have internet access anymore. Thanks for the reply.

  gailmcfarlane 06:12 10 Jan 2013

router is connected but red light..

  mgmcc 09:06 10 Jan 2013

"when i plug in my ethernet cable to my computer and to the wall socket, it works perfectly."

Are you in Halls of Residence, or similar, where internet access is provided via a wall-mounted ethernet socket? Otherwise, what is the wall socket that you're plugging into?

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