Router and Broadband configuration

  Paroxetine 21:05 20 Sep 2003

My new and improved shorter posting....

Hi all,

Have just set up a 3 PC network two with windows 2000 and one with 98. They are connected using a router (dg814) using 100mbps circuit. They are all able to see each other and they can each use the router to connect to broadband (pipex).

I am experiencing the following problem however. Futher ones to follow seperatly since i cant post this all in one go it seems.

Messenger seems to be unable to show contacts replies to me no matter how they are initiated. The only so far success was using white-board which was canceled by the other user and we were able to have a chat.

Winmx wont allow me to connect through the router and says there is a firewall present that needs to be removed. On investigation it looks like port forward could be used to make this work, I tried it with no success so wonder what I am doing wrong.

Its all odd since some pages will load up so quick, yet others seem worse then ever, even worse the previous 28bps modem connection...

Any thoughts or suggestions as always greatly received.


  harry_b 22:23 20 Sep 2003

try turning on the setting for the router to respond to pings on the wan, then check your programs, if still not working then assign a default dmz server (temporarily) and then check your programs on the assigned pc, if this works then turn these settings off again and configure port forwarding for the applications you use, its important to turn the dmz server off again because if you dont then this will open up the network to all the kiddie hackers out there!, also upgrade the routers firmware if available.

  muppetmark 23:57 20 Sep 2003

click here has tips for port forwarding with various routers

  Paroxetine 09:18 21 Sep 2003

morning all,

Ok, so before i set up a DMZ what happens when that pc is turned off? Will I not be able to access those applications that I have set up to port forward?

Have loooked at that link muppetmark and not of much use, tried to understand and follow what it mentions on other routers, but to no avail.

Is a bit worrying since I am unable to read hotmail email messages (esp when its how i get notified of updates to this thread) and other similar sites.

Will investigate the DMZ to see about a short term fix.


  Paroxetine 09:24 21 Sep 2003

Ok, just put my computer to be a DMZ and no change, still cant access hotmail or the windows updates...

Going to try maybe a reinstall of IE 6 to see if that makes any difference later. In the mean time going to investigate the router / firewall option first.


  Paroxetine 21:49 21 Sep 2003

Answer is quite straight forward... you format the c drive and reinstall windows.... just make sure you dont use SP4 as it will create a lopping BSOD and you have to format again or revert to a previous image.

  Paroxetine 21:51 21 Sep 2003

Though having said that...

Why would this option work? The problem is obviously somewhere to do with security and maybe certificates (obviously? well maybe) though not sure why this works on some web sites and not on others.

Anyway, resovled now.

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