coolteentom 11:51 21 Nov 2004

I have a PC (64MB RAM, 10GB HDD, Win98SE, 368 MHz AMD-K6 3D Processor) and a laptop (256MB RAM, 20GB, WinXP Home, Celeron CPU 2.20 GHz).

I have also got an 300k NTLworld broadband modem, which I want to share between the 2 computers.

Can anyone recommend a router to do this with. Also, where the laptop has USB and ethernet, the PC only has a USB port.

Should I buy an ethernet port for the PC, and connect both computers through ethernet, or is there routers that connect by ethernet and USB?

Thanks in advance for any advice,


  LastChip 12:13 21 Nov 2004

How portable do you want your laptop to be when on the network?

Also, if you want them physically connected (and you will get a faster network that way) how far apart will they be? Are they in the same room?

Check your NTL modem. Does it have an Ethernet capability?

What speed is the Ethernet on your laptop? Probably 100Mb/s.

  Jeffers22 12:16 21 Nov 2004

No contest in my opinion. Buy an network card and a router, and connect via ethernet. That way each machine can access the net independently rather than using internet connection sharing. Also, a router has a built in (inbound only) firewall - which is a major advantage. Bear in mind that your adsl modem will need an ethernet port to connect to the router. An ethernet card will cost you way less than a tenner, a decent router about £40. Try ebuyer click here

  coolteentom 17:34 21 Nov 2004

Thanks for your informative replies.

I think I will get a wired connection, as I have no need for wireless. The laptop will be in the room directly above the pc, so I can just put a cable through the ceiling.

Yes, the modem has Ethernet, and the laptop is 100 MB/s.

Jeffers, I have looked at the Ebuyers website which you gave me, and I have found a

Router - click here - I have a printer which connects via parrallel cable. Will there be any way to connect this to it???

ethernet adapter - click here

Cable - click here

Are these OK?

Thanks, tom

  coolteentom 21:10 21 Nov 2004


  LastChip 23:04 21 Nov 2004

Is it via a telephone line, or is it cable?

Not familiar with NTL as it's not available locally.

  LastChip 23:18 21 Nov 2004

I've just had a better look at the product and a quick browse of the reviews and can see it will work with NTL.

Personally, I would stay with the same brand of network card (try quick find 16435). Whilst these devices should work with any device, experience shows that the same manufacturers products tend to work well together.

No problem with the cable.

Good luck.

  coolteentom 09:42 27 Nov 2004

Thanks for your help LastChip, I have ordered these.

Does anyone know if there is any way I can get my Parallel Cable printer to connect to the ethernet router, so I can have it on the network?



  georgemac 10:34 27 Nov 2004

you will just need to set the pc up as a network printer and allow printer sharing within windows and the printer should work OK from PC and laptop

  Muckle 10:42 27 Nov 2004

You will need a print server (plus another cable)to connect the printer to the router (also available at Ebuyer)- this will allow you to print when the PC is off.

  LastChip 20:47 27 Nov 2004

You can have your printer connected to one of the computers and configure the other machine to use the printer through the network.

Using this method, you don't need any further equipment. The "downside" (if you can call it that) is you will need the computer that has the printer physically attached turned on, any time you wish to print. For most home use, this is not an issue.

If you use a Print Server, the printer becomes a network device in its own right and either machine can be set-up to print to the printer. In this case, only the computer in use and the print server/printer has to be switched on.

However, Muckle's reply is correct based on the question you asked. If you want to connect the printer directly to your router, that is the way to do it.

Frankly, I think unless you are virtually into commercial printing at home, this is an overkill for home use.

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