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  laptopdunce 22:00 24 Aug 2016

A new post!! ongoing saga of the ESP F drive that appeared on BOTH of my same laptops!! the UK one is OK, the advice given to give the command prompt (admiN) does not work in standard account mode!!! i HAD TO SET UP AN ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT to make it work on my UK laptop!!! Now I have done this on my Dutch (same UK bought 2nd laptop and now I cant get back to my normal standard account!!) i am really p'sd off with this rotten shambles, I wish I had have never started this whole rubbish!!! my question is: As I cannot get the side menu bar to open sometimes it does, 99% of the time it WILL NOT OPEN!! and which setting do I use to get my standard account back which I had set up with a PIN code!! I will NEVER NEVER NEVER mess with these bloody computers again!! especially as the advice given just does not work!! (well it did but ONLY in the adminsitrator mode and now I cant get the hell out of admin mode - HORRIBLE!!!) These people mis-designing this crap need to be strung up!!! Laptopdunce

  Forum Editor 19:24 25 Aug 2016

They can be, but this isn't something that needs to be a big worry. The ESP drive contains the boot loaders or kernel images for all installed operating systems, and the device driver files for hardware devices that are used by the firmware at boot time. There will also be system utility programmes that run before an operating system is booted. The error logs will also be there.

Irritating that it isn't hidden, yes, but it shouldn't loom large in your life -just ignore it.

  laptopdunce 22:07 25 Aug 2016

well, when these things happen it worries me that it is indicative of something else going wrong, it was fixing it that was INCREDIBLY complex (for a beginner) and even though I did achieve it, then trying to do the restore point was very fristrating because I had to go through the administrator mode, of course it didnt actually NEED the password to get in, but they never make any of this clear, in fact when googled "make restore point in windows 8.1" most of the posters confirmed my view that windows have deliberately concealed and obstructed these normally standard instructions, it really p's off people who dont understand how to do all this, but thank god the people on here knew how to do it!! It really seems to me that Microsoft just dont think (or purposely obstruct and confuse) how to IMPROVE things, they are actually going backward in concealing this particular process (the restore point) - I am only glad I didnt do the windows 10 upgrade (I did it on my Dutch laptop that I am on now and that was a NIGHTMARE!!!- had to go back to W8.1) so it really doesnt give me ANY confidence in windows, especially when there are high profile cases of the American decorator who sued Microsoft (successfully) for wrecking his business with W10, of course it makes "simple" people, like me DREAD when something untoward but not necessarily dangerous goes wrong. laptopdunce

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