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  laptopdunce 22:00 24 Aug 2016

A new post!! ongoing saga of the ESP F drive that appeared on BOTH of my same laptops!! the UK one is OK, the advice given to give the command prompt (admiN) does not work in standard account mode!!! i HAD TO SET UP AN ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT to make it work on my UK laptop!!! Now I have done this on my Dutch (same UK bought 2nd laptop and now I cant get back to my normal standard account!!) i am really p'sd off with this rotten shambles, I wish I had have never started this whole rubbish!!! my question is: As I cannot get the side menu bar to open sometimes it does, 99% of the time it WILL NOT OPEN!! and which setting do I use to get my standard account back which I had set up with a PIN code!! I will NEVER NEVER NEVER mess with these bloody computers again!! especially as the advice given just does not work!! (well it did but ONLY in the adminsitrator mode and now I cant get the hell out of admin mode - HORRIBLE!!!) These people mis-designing this crap need to be strung up!!! Laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 22:09 24 Aug 2016

I have got it back!! thank Christ for that!! none of my documents would show in that IDIOTIC administrator mode!!! What do people want to open that crazy setting for when they cant access ANYTHING they have set up in their "standard" account mode??? Thank God I tacked back to what I wrote about how to change from Administrator to Standard with the START tab on that menu that (finally) swing in from the right! Otherwise I would never have figured it out!! Thank God it is back to normal now, the ESP F drive has disappeared also, but in the final analysis this has been a HELLUVA heap of sh*t just to eradicate something that I am 99.9999% positive that WINDOWS is at fault with!! this happened on two IDENTICAL W8.1 LAPTOPS IN TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, it can ONLY be the updates and OS that is to blame for this (ableit minor abberation but nevertheless one that shouldnt happen) Ugghhghhhhhh Windows!!!!! Laptopdunce

  robin_x 00:22 25 Aug 2016

Now they are working then, make Restore Points on both machines.

Also make regular full System Image Backups of both machines to external drive.

(scroll down the link to "Why Do I Want To Do This?") then read on concerning Macrium Reflect Free.)

  robin_x 00:24 25 Aug 2016

Sorry, this is the second link. (Ignore the title of the Tutorial)

  laptopdunce 08:02 25 Aug 2016

I have made a back up to a big 500gb external drive, I really only have alot of photos and some documents on my laptop, not loads of videos or music, I will try and make the restore point too, will it be easy to restore it to the last restor point if something goes wrong!! Just had it confirmed in another post that it IS Windows who is responsible for this ESP F drive appearing but that it should have disappeared on the next round of updates, but that didnt happen on this laptop that I use constantly in The Netherlands. Should I google specific instructions for how to make the restore point in windows 8.1? that link you sent just seems to be a general one, when I went into start and control panel, system & security, there doesnt seem to be a specific section on making a restor point - this is what really p's me off with windows, NOTHING, even the most basic needs are NEVER set out in a simple easy to follow manner, laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 08:09 25 Aug 2016

I have just chcked on youtube how to do this and got into the system on control panel but it is asking me for the administrator password, (which I cant remember) is there a way around this?? I wish I had never started this sh*t!! laptopdunce

  robin_x 09:01 25 Aug 2016

Admin password is often blank. Just hit return.

  laptopdunce 09:57 25 Aug 2016

yes it is blank, so if I leave it blank and press the return key it should open it??

  laptopdunce 10:01 25 Aug 2016

yes, youre right, it did open up the small menu with "create a restore point" so I did that and it make the restore point, I named it "Windows bugger up ESP F 25-08-16" how will I be able to retrace this if something goes wrong and I want to restore it all to today'd date? thanks Laptopdunce

  Forum Editor 17:53 25 Aug 2016

Time to calm down, I think, and moderate your language.

  laptopdunce 19:08 25 Aug 2016

these computers really are a pain!!!

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