Rotating Video

  Demora 09:39 21 Jun 2010


I took a small video on my phone and after downloading it to my pc I discover its in the wrong orientation.

Is there a a free programme that I can use to alter this? Doesn't have to be complex.

Thank you.


  gengiscant 10:00 21 Jun 2010

You fail to include the format of the
clip but if it is .avi or .mpg you can
open it in Movie Maker, drag it to
the timeline... and use the Rotate
Effect to rotate it.

  Demora 10:18 21 Jun 2010


Its an MP4 sorry.

I don't have MsMovie Maker (Win 7 Ultimate)

I've never used the video function on my phone before(Sony Ericsson c905) and the video auto rotates on that. So I was suprised that it d/loaded to the pc incorrectly.

Thanks for the tip though.


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