Rosetta Stone issue 153 PC Advisor

  geedad 12:50 15 Feb 2008

Rosetta Stone Translator
If this is a free, Full program, as described in PC Advisor, can anyone help me to install it, because I can't get past the first page!!

  RickyC :-) 12:57 15 Feb 2008

You need to ensure that the disc remains in your drive when you install and then run the program - the application will not run without the disc remaining in your drive.
It's a full lesson - 42 hours of tuition - after the first screen (where you select your chosen language), it offers you the different modules to help you learn.

kind regards

Cover Disc Editor

  geedad 22:35 15 Feb 2008

CD Editor
Thank you, I will give that a try.

  youngike 11:40 19 Feb 2008

On the DVD case it says " French / German full version"; but when I run the software it says demo version, and it doesn't allow access to all the modules - have I installed it wrongly? and if so how do I fix it.
The bits I can get to seem a really great way to learn a language.
Thanks, Ike.

  geedad 11:55 19 Feb 2008


If your posting was aimed at me (geedad), then I am sorry but I cannot advise you, since I have not installed/run the program. I do find that some of the free programs send me round in circles when trying to register and install them.
At the moment I am using SYSTRAN professional Translator, which translates documents in about 4 different languages at lightening speed.
So, looking for the simple life, I don't think I'll bother with Rosetta!

  jcubeduk 19:27 29 Feb 2008

I got this month’s PC advisor just for the Rosetta Stone software, expecting that it would probably be an old version, but still a great learning tool with “42 hours of expert language tuition”. However it seems that this is not the FULL PROGRAM with 42 hours of expert language tuition, but a demo.
I will be taking the magazine back on Monday to asking my retailer for a refund.
I have also noted on this forum, that I found tonight, that Richard the Cover Disc Editor has not responded to the previous question re this being demo software.

  geedad 21:51 29 Feb 2008

Yes, I feel sorry for all of those Forum members who purchased the magazine on the basis that Rosetta Stone was a free, full translation program.I think that when describing these 'Full' programs, their limitations should be clearly high-lighted, so that buyers of this magazine are not confused. I am a subscriber to PC Advisor, and I believe it to be one of the best on the market, but I, like many other subscribers, will drop my subscription and look elsewhere if too many disappointments like this happen.Having said that, I have had some good, free stuff over the years, and might take some shifting!

  HarryAdney 21:02 03 Mar 2008

I bought this magazine because it advertised Rosetta Stone, Full Program. I feel completely conned and will be taking the matter further. How come the disc editor isn't replying to people's concerns?

On another note, I called the phone number from the website which was answered by the rudest individual I've ever listened to. I think the organisation needs to get their staff on a customer service course.

  geedad 13:53 04 Mar 2008

Even more reason not to bother with this software, and obviously a warning with regards to any other product that this company is offering.
Buyers Beware!
Also,PC-Advisor should make sure that software through their magazine does what it says on the package!

  RickyC :-) 14:51 04 Mar 2008

Further to my earlier post on this thread, I’ve now discovered the origin of the erroneous reference. The ’42 hours’ comes from an alternative language learning application we offered on the cover disc a few months ago. Instead of including Rosetta Stone with the other full programs on the DVD, we should have stated clearly that this application offers a 'full lesson'. As I understand it, this software is fully-working, with no time restrictions - but it offers only one full lesson of the Rosetta Stone language learning program.

I can assure you that this phrase was not used with the intention of misleading our readers – the cause of the incorrect information on the artwork is due to a mistake on my part - I should have spotted this when the DVD artwork was being signed-off prior to sending for replication.

I’ve been responsible for creating the PC Advisor CD-ROMs and DVDs since issue 72, and in the past 7 years I’m satisfied that we’ve never knowingly misled readers. Unfortunately on this occasion we’ve made a mistake and I will be happy to send readers a copy of our February 2008 DVD – which carried the ‘Tell Me More’ Spanish and French software from Auralog. This did have 42 hours of lessons and 100 exercises.

Kind regards, and again please accept my sincere apologies

Cover Disc Editor

  geedad 15:18 04 Mar 2008

CD Editor

Thanks for your response. We all make mistakes from time to time and, as far as I am concerned, your apology is accepted, with no ill-feelings.
Affected members should take up your goodwill offer, and then continue to subscribe to one of the best PC magazines.

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