Rosemary haworth

  yattonharrytoo 08:48 11 Feb 2006

Hi there is Rosemary haworth the editor please?

  Forum Editor 09:03 11 Feb 2006

Rosemary is our Features Editor.

Why do you ask?

  Ikelos 09:39 11 Feb 2006

no doubt because he/she got an email from her, as i did, or maybe not....

  Forum Editor 09:41 11 Feb 2006

is that it yattonharrytoo; did you receive an email about the ISP survey?

  The Spires 09:46 11 Feb 2006

And I thought I had a secret admirier ;-)

  yattonharrytoo 09:58 11 Feb 2006

That's correct. Had an email - no subject matter and I am just checking who she actually is.

Anyone can *say* that they are someone in an email.

  PC Advisor features editor 20:32 12 Feb 2006

Dear all,

Apologies for the rather slapdash email some of you received from me on Friday.

I can assure you that the email originated from me and a simple slip of the mouse meant I accidentally fired off some copies of the follow up email with no header and a couple of mistakes in it.

We all have our off days...

Apologies - and thanks to those of you who have responded with prompt and detailed replies.

Kind regards,

features editor
PC Advisor

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