Rooting- and how do I know if the device is?

  SparkyJack 11:36 15 Oct 2012

In trying to get Android reloaded- and the difficulty I am having- the mention had been made of ensuring the device is 'Rootied'

This I gather is the same as Administrator in M/S Parlance or Sudo in Linux.

When I switch on the device whilst holding down +Volume the screen presents with the Android icon prone and ready for operating upon. The screen comes up and invites to load from external storage/device Can I assume that is 'Rooted' and it is ready to go?

Liive suite Is a program that is run in a Windows computer to aid in this process. It comes as a .rar files which is a zip file.

Unpacked it presents an .exe file which needs to be run in the Windows machine before connecting the tablet to proceed further.

Getting the file unpacked OK

But it will not ruin on XP Vista or Win 7- though it is rated to do so.

Any useful thoughts please

  T0SH 13:47 15 Oct 2012

The word is Rooted, meaning you have access to log on as Root, or in otherwords with un-restricted superuser right, the best place for how to advice and guidance on tablet firmware updates are sites like SlateDroid ,Merimobiles and a few hundred more out there ,but tread warily there are also lots of gotcha`s just waiting for you to come along ?

Cheers HC

  Picklefactory 08:02 16 Oct 2012

Do be careful, I have never rooted my Android phone, but have considered it and done some research. It sounds like it can be a very good option if you are a phone 'techie' and like to customise and have total control of your phone..... the down side is that if you do not follow the correct sequence precisely, and use the correct software for the job, you can 'brick' your phone completely. So I suggest using some of the sites mentioned by T0SH above, or various others and be CERTAIN you know what you're getting into BEFORE you start.

  SparkyJack 09:20 16 Oct 2012

Thank you both for the warnings.

I am acutely aware of the pit falls having been messing with and building and breaking putery things these past 30 years or so.

I certainly would not be attempting this procedure had the device not stopped functioning.

As I have had it a month or so I am working through the supplier- who is issuing the advice - so back it goes if it becomes bricked totally

Mean while any practical advice would be appreciated especially with regard to Live Suit

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