Rooter or Rawter

  Hofnar 14:54 12 May 2006

What is the correct pronouncing of a Router? I know that Americans call it a "rawter" but that doesn't mean much!

  VoG II 14:56 12 May 2006

For PC - rooter.

For woodworking - rawter

  Hofnar 15:00 12 May 2006

Thanks for that, VoG™.

  chub_tor 15:02 12 May 2006

When I lived and worked in Texas it was always pronounced rowter ass was rowt66.

  Hofnar 15:06 12 May 2006

You've confused me again. What side of the "pound" are you?

  rmcqua 15:06 12 May 2006

is rowter (with the ow pronounced as in owl).

  Monument 16:11 12 May 2006

I have been to presentations in the states where the speaker has said rooter and others where they have said rowter. Likewise LIN UX and LINE UX.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter.

  Hofnar 16:18 12 May 2006

Thanks Monument. It looks as if there is no certain way of pronunciation. American or English. Take your pick.

  Stuartli 16:49 12 May 2006

The answer is simple. You pronouce the word route as "root", therefore router (which defines routes) is, as VoG™ rightly states, "rooter".

  Mike D 17:02 12 May 2006

You say Tomato and I'll say tomarto


  amonra 17:18 12 May 2006

I've got a "thingy" screwed on the wall with dangly bits going to the puter. (Josh aged 3)

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