Root Kit detector - Beta version.

  john bunyan 17:34 27 May 2013

I use Avira anti virus, Spywareblaster as a malware shield, and Superantispyware and Malawarebytes as malware scanners. I have recently added Malawarebytes Anti Root Kit (Free). Although a Beta version it seems fine.

  Forum Editor 17:43 27 May 2013

Blimey! You must have some seriously important data to protect. I run six machines, all of them with confidential client information on them, and I've never use more than the free version of AVG. I can't remember when I last had any form of file infection.

  john bunyan 19:07 27 May 2013

Forum Editor

I may be paranoid after a loss of data a couple of years ago with a virus that got through Bullguard security, and before the time when (as now) I do ATI backups. I agree it is a bit OTT but my 18 year old grand daughter - normally bright and about to go to Uni, had a laptop full of malware, viruses etc. I suspect Facebook and other sites and downloads of Trojans in "free" downloads. My data is not sensitive, but I like to keep protected - maybe too keenly!

  rdave13 19:27 27 May 2013

Forum Editor , hope you're not running free AVG on any PC that's used for commercial use.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:13 28 May 2013

I have been infected in the past,the distant past, but I too only use a free antivirus MSE and Malwarebytes and I only scan after I have downloaded something as a torrent (Legit stuff)and I cannot remember when I last had an infection.

I do not use Acronis or any other imaging software as I see no point in imaging all the rubbish one accumulates. It is much simpler to have separate hard-drives for operating system and programs (SSD) and another couple for everything else and in my case a NAS drive for a backup taken care of by Goodsync with dropbox looking after my documents.

If things do go wrong, or you upgrade a motherboard, then it is relatively painless to reinstall Windows and programs and the odd non Steam game in my case.

  Batch 10:22 28 May 2013


I think you'll find quite a number of bods here take a multi-layered approach (I say this from the comments in a multitude of threads here over the years).

  spuds 10:27 28 May 2013

I use very few anti-wares, and not a combination of the same or similar program, but the ones I regard as being 'highly recommended and free'. On my main use computer, Avast and SuperAntiSpyware.

In all the years I have been 'computer surfing', I have only had two real concerns about infections, and those seemed to have been caused by an error of redirection to porn sites. In the first case Avast came to the rescue, and in the second case (very recent) I apparently did a mistake by not inserting a dot in a browser address for my banking and was directed to adult 'multiple chat' websites. The irony of the last error or security issue, was I contacted the bank, and they didn't appear to be interested, just another stupid customer's fault to them?.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:15 28 May 2013

Like Chronos the 2nd says probably cheaper just reformatting your computer but it is the time it take.

A couple of hours tops, but I have it down to a fine art. All my program .EXE are saved elsewhere along with Ninite, and OS reinstall is very quick as I have SP1 slipstreamed into Windows 7. Compared to an XP reinstall Windows 7 is positively child's play.

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