ROME-Total War or Battle for Middle Earth

  freddy-firecracker 13:32 21 Feb 2005

Hi i am thinking of buying either Rome:total War or LOTR Battle for Middle Earth, i know that they are similar games and prices but wanted to know which game is better for me gameplay/longevity/easiness to learn

Any Ideas??



  ACOLYTE 13:38 21 Feb 2005

Hmm, my preference would be Rome Total war,im not a big LOTR fan,you would get more out of RTW in my opinion you could probably finish Middle Earth in a week or so,but you can keep playing RTW.But the choice is yours.

  citadel 18:44 21 Feb 2005

I have rome total war and I do not think it is as good as previous total war games. There is a patch out that is supposed to cure some gameplay problems. Battle for middle earth is much easier game to play and more fun. Rome total war is replayable forever as your actions change what happens in each of your campaigns.

  belcanto 23:38 26 Mar 2005

Hi there-I brought rome-total war after watching and enjoying "Time Commanders" on the Tv. The thing is though is that it wont play properly, despite getting a patch from the website, updating soundcard/graphics drivers. The problem is this: First of all it installs without asking for the installation code. Next it keeps on crashing, sometimes after I win the tutorial battle, at other times when I am trying to take my first town. Third, on the options screen, the cursor ghosts all over the palce if I move it, making it impossible for me to see the screen after awhile. Can any one help?

My rig is: Amd Atholon XP2800+, 80gb hd, 512 memory, creative Audigy Ls sound card, Nvidia FX5200 128 mb Agp graphics card.


  Satmansq 09:48 27 Mar 2005

From a fan of LOTR, I bought Battle for Middle Earth and have been happy with my choice. As for finishing in s week it took me a hell of a lot longer than that to play from beginning to end with the different factions.

  freaky 11:57 27 Mar 2005

Battle for Middle Earth is an excellent game, once you start to play it then it's difficult to stop!

Graphics and game play are excellent, no crashes and the AI (artificial intelligence) is very clever.

It's also very good in that you don't have to mine for gold, collect timber etc to build up your supplies, just build farms; this means you can get on with training your troops and fighting the battles! All round I would class it as one of the best games in it's genre to come out for a long time.

  GibsonSt19 12:03 27 Mar 2005

I think all should take a good look at Tise of Nations. I think I'd nominate this my best RTS, along with Starcraft, and possible the Age of Empires 3 when it's out :)

  citadel 14:18 27 Mar 2005

belcanto, some games only need the installation code for online play. sometimes a uninstall then re install cures problems. reinstall then apply the new 1.2 patch. The forums at have a lot of info on the game

  Starfox 14:31 27 Mar 2005

Mmmmmmmmmm Choices.

I think you will find Battle for Middle Earth more playable/enjoyable than RTW,but that's just my opinion.I got fed up with RTW fairly quickly.

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