Rollover Buttons - novice

  Dumfy 13:40 22 Jun 2003

Hi everyone,

This may seem a simple request, but I'm just starting out trying to design my own web page for some family photos. My question do I create a rollover button. Try as I might I can't get it to work.

My idea is to have a front page as the entrance to the site and an "enter" button on it. I'd like to make this a rollover. I've created three gifs for it - normal, mouse over and mouse down (click) already. I've tried both Paint Shop Pro 7 and Fireworks MX with out luck. Do they have to be created as "layers" or something? In Paint Shop Pro all I end up with is an html file (using image slice to get at the rollover option) and in Fireworks I end up in a knot !!

Thanks for the help and suggestions


  Dumfy 08:54 23 Jun 2003

Thanks harristweed - looks interesting and will be very helpful indeed.

I've tried the help files in both Paint Shop Pro and Fireworks but still can't get it to work. My reading's ok, but it ain't going in!

I was shown how to do it in Paint Shop a while ago, but can't remember how it was created unfortunately.



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