Rolling Windows!

  Ankermi31 15:13 16 Apr 2004

Sometimes when I switch on the Computer when the Windows screen appears (prior to password log on) it rolls - similar to your t.v. when it needs to be re-set. Not knowing what to do I just leave it and it settles within a matter of 10/15 seconds. It does not occur every time but I am certain it should not do it even once in a lifetime!

  hugh-265156 15:37 16 Apr 2004

i didnt think vga monitors suffered from vertical hold problems??

i dont know much though :-)

  hugh-265156 00:05 24 Apr 2004

"As requested. That is precisely the problem vertical hold. It does it, I leave it, it settles and off we go. Most strange"

maybe a faulty monitor would be my best guess.

does it only happen when the monitor is cold and it dissapears when heating up?

  Ankermi31 10:51 24 Apr 2004

The Monitor is only 6 months old.
As I originally said, it happens when I first boot up log on or whatever you call it (I am learning!!). Sometimes it rolls othertimes it doesn't. For example this time around it rolled about 10 times then off it goes.

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