Rolling BAck in Windows 98

  AJ25 15:03 18 Jun 2005

I have an old machine that I'd like to restore to it's original state. There is nothing on it I want. I still have the Win 98 CDs if I need to reinstall. The machine is a Dell P500 with 512 ram and a 20 GB HD.

I have even tried to format the HD via command but it tels me the drive is in use by another process and the format is aborted.

Ideally I would simply like to roll it back to the state it was when I got it whihc means not installing the OS.

Any help?

ps. It's is virus infested I think.

  Curio 15:11 18 Jun 2005

Do it in DOS

  Joe R 15:14 18 Jun 2005


Insert your windows cd into your cd drive, then boot into your bios, and set the first boot device to cd.

When you boot, select start windows with cd rom support, you will then get a prompt looking something like A:\ Straight after the prompt, type D:\ (assuming D is the cd drive letter, and when you get the D:\ prompt type format C: (there is a space between format and C.

  AndySD 15:16 18 Jun 2005

click here and get a 98 boot disk, reboot with the floppy disk and format.

  Diemmess 15:48 18 Jun 2005

It would be worthwhile making sure you have all the mobo drivers, (they may be on a CD that you already have), you said "disks" not just disk.

Format to clear everything will when newly re-installed, give you a worthwhile second computer... Any suspicion of a virus and the general mess that accumulates over time will be gone.

Windows 98 doesn't have a "roll-back" as such, merely a means of restoring a recent copy of the registry, which for major problems is not enough.

Eventually you might make a clone of your new all working O/S, so its worth thinking of where to store this. Either another HD or partition the 20Gb you have. Remember 98 or 98SE take up far less space than XP so you could go quite small for drive C:, particularly if your applications were installed on D: .....Most folk these days prefer just to add a larger second HD.

  AJ25 15:53 18 Jun 2005

I have tried this command in DOS

format c:

It warns me that all data will be lost and do I want to continue. I type Y.

The message then is that I cannot format as another process in is use. Format aborted.

Thought I had the 98 CDs but can't find them

  AJ25 15:54 18 Jun 2005

The PC is to be used by my daughter

  Joe R 15:55 18 Jun 2005


formatting in 98, needs to be done in dos, as while the operating system is running it cannot follow the command.

You will need a win98 cd to reinstall the operating system.

  woodchip 16:07 18 Jun 2005

You need the 98 CD or leave well alone, You could remove all software from Add Remove in Control Panel but you do need 98 CD to restore original files. Plus removing from above would not remove Rubbish. there is only one CD for Win98. And a Restore disc is different

  AJ25 16:57 18 Jun 2005

OK now I have the Win98 CD and the boot disk.

Please someone tell me what to do. I have tried installing the OS from the CD. IT got half way, found an error, and restored a recent version of the system by itself so I got nowhere. Now I'm trying it from the boot disk with CD as well.

For those who are teling me to do the format from DOS, pleae guide me step by step from turning on the machine because as you can see from my previous posts, in Dos mode, the format aborts.

  AJ25 17:04 18 Jun 2005

From the boot disk, the system simply restored what it considers a good registry.

Clearly I need to format this HD so pleasa can someone guide me on this solution. I wnat to wipe it clean and re-install Win 98. If I can do this, help will me much appreciated

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