Rogue logo invaded my desktop

  redroger 02:23 15 Dec 2015

I have been running LO successfully when, for no apparent reason, this morning it refused to start from the Taskbar. However a (very big) LibreOffice 5 logo appeared on my desktop and do what I may, I cannot rid myself of it. I uninstalled then reinstalled the program with no success. Now I have no evidence of a reinstallation and still this LibreOffice logo is soiling my desktop. I'm sure there's an easy solution but it's beyond me (which is not saying very much). Any help gratefully received. Roger Marchant

  mole1944 05:25 15 Dec 2015

Have you tried system restore,or use this for any programs that snuck onto your machine,scroll down to the bottom of the machine to find the free version click here

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