Roger Wilko

  2neat 18:57 05 Aug 2004

Help. My brother is having problems getting this to work. I think it may be a firewall problem. It UDP is set 3782. This can be changed. What number would he need or any other info to get it working. I think he has Norton internet security.
Thanks all

  AndySD 19:04 05 Aug 2004

click here and open the port

  Thetford Brian 19:18 05 Aug 2004

Is it Roger WilCo, the Chat program that you are talking about??

If so check out their support page at:
click here

  2neat 19:48 05 Aug 2004

Thanks. My bro will be contacting me soon. I have read the links provided and it looks like firewall blocking. Hope to get this resolved soon.

  obbit 20:34 05 Aug 2004

take a look at skype click here

it's better than RW.

  2neat 23:09 05 Aug 2004

Been messin for about an hour with this :(
Can join a server but not host. Does skype use lots of bandwidth? This will laaag the game if so.

  woodchip 23:20 05 Aug 2004

If it's chat he may be locked out with Firewall Filter

  2neat 23:34 05 Aug 2004

I am on xp with firewall ticked. I have created a base station and got another user to try and connect to me. It no works :-( Works fine if I connect to a base station. Grr this is annoying.
The ports are 3782 & 3783 !

  helmetshine 01:23 06 Aug 2004


Skype does use a fair bit of bandwidth and you're limited to 5 people in a conference,which isn't enough for gaming normally.If you're willing to try an alternative you could try Teamspeak click here I've never set the server side up so don't know how easy or difficult that is.

If you're a member of a clan and intend to rent a game server you'll find lots of suppliers provide a free teamspeak server as part of the package anyway so you'd only need to install and configure the client side

  2neat 12:23 06 Aug 2004

Thanks I will have a look at team speak. I want to use in Halo. I have the new CE edition and its a shame they didn't put in team voice like in Unreal. I think its essential for team games to have voice comms.

  helmetshine 14:02 06 Aug 2004


You're right about that...really does help in team games....have you tried running your roger wilco server with the XP firewall off because it does stop inbound traffic and could be blocking the people try to join.If it works with it off you might be better using Zone Alarm,the free version,which is a far better firewall anyway click here
and you'll be able to configure it to allow roger wilco to act as a server which will allow people to connect to it

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